How To Fix Sublimation Mistake On Shirt

sublimation mistakes

Sublimation printing is an excellent way to create personalized and vibrant designs on shirts. However, even experienced sublimation enthusiasts can encounter occasional mistakes during the printing process. From misprints to color discrepancies and rough textures, understanding how to fix sublimation mistakes on shirts is crucial to achieving professional-quality results. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods to rectify common sublimation errors and achieve flawless prints.

Identify the Mistake

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to identify the specific mistake on the shirt. Analyze whether it’s a misprint, color issue, texture problem, or alignment error, as each requires a different approach for resolution.

Sublimation Ink Removers

For stubborn stains caused by sublimation ink, specialized sublimation ink removers come to the rescue. These products are designed to effectively eliminate tenacious mistakes without causing damage to the fabric. Apply the remover following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

White Vinegar Solution

In the absence of a sublimation ink remover, a simple white vinegar solution can be used as an alternative. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water, and gently rub the stain with a cloth soaked in the solution. This method can help lift minor stains from the fabric.


In cases where the mistake is irreversible, re-sublimation can be an effective solution. Print the image again on fresh sublimation paper and apply it over the damaged area. Ensure proper alignment for a seamless appearance.

Heat Press Method

The heat press method is a versatile and powerful technique to fix several sublimation mistakes on shirts. By applying heat and pressure, you can smooth out smudged or misaligned images, realign them correctly, and improve color saturation. This method is especially useful for correcting ghosting, rough textures, and misprints.

Lint Roller Method

If sublimation paper sticks to the shirt and creates a rough texture, use a heat press to apply heat and pressure to the affected area. Afterward, use a lint roller to remove any residual bits of paper. This technique helps restore the shirt’s smooth surface.

Covering with a Patch

When a mistake is difficult to fix, consider using a patch or applique to cover it temporarily until it can be properly addressed.

Using a Stencil or Fabric Marker

For smaller mistakes like smudges or discolorations, stencils or fabric markers can be used to apply paint or fabric paint over the error, creating a new design.

Pre-Testing on Scrap Fabric

To avoid costly mistakes on the actual shirt, always pre-test the sublimation process on scrap fabric. This will give you a chance to fine-tune your technique and avoid potential issues on the final product.


Can acetone completely remove sublimation ink stains?

Acetone may not completely remove all sublimation ink stains, especially if the ink has fully set into the fabric. The effectiveness of the removal depends on factors like the ink’s age, fabric type, and the severity of the stain. In some cases, multiple attempts may be necessary to achieve the desired result.


Mistakes are a natural part of the sublimation printing process, but with the right approach and techniques, you can fix sublimation errors on shirts and achieve outstanding results. From using heat presses and ink removers to employing patches and fabric markers, each method plays a vital role in restoring the shirt to its original condition. Remember to identify the specific mistake, test on scrap fabric, and use the appropriate tools for each situation. By mastering these techniques, you can confidently tackle any sublimation mistake on a shirt and create flawless, personalized garments that will delight your customers. Happy sublimating!

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